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The Oseberg ship

Tønsbergs new pride from the Viking history is called Saga Oseberg, and is a full scaled copy of the famous Oseberg ship that was found in Slagendalen in Tønsberg in 1904. The ship is seaworthy and used in special occasions.

One of the most magnificent archaeological viking founds in Norway.

The original viking ship is displayed in the vikingship museum in Bygdøy, Oslo. The find also contained two female skeletons and the belongings of this person. The funeral is dated back in the year 834, but parts of the belongings could have been 50 years older. The ship itself are dated around year 820, in west-Norway.


A full size copy of the Oseberg ship

In 2011-2012, The Oseberg foundation started to build the full scaled copy of the Oseberg ship. They built it with the same tools and techniques, and same materials as they used in the viking age. Based on the measurements and the interpretations, they built the ship, step by step.The building of the ship got people engaged from all over the world, and got the medias attention. The ship was launched here in Tønsberg in 2012, and used to convey the history of the vikings.Read more about the Oseberg foundation here…


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