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It’s just a 10 min walk from the hotel to get to all of  Tønsbergs shopping opportunities! The city has it all, cafes and pleasant shopping streets, modern shopping malls and two town squares.


Farmandstredet shopping center lies in the heart of the city, and you also find the city’s main bus station here. The center has 101 shops, with whatever your heart desire, multiple cafes and kiosks and grocery store.

the streets of Tønsberg

The summercity Tønsberg  has a lot to offer, and a lot of pleasant streets with little shops and old architecture. Here you can find a variation of shops with lots of charm that offers things different from a mall. At the town square you find booths with food and articles, and the city also uses this for a arena for concerts.

A pitstop at the cafe

Eating, canon 1Ds mark III

Need a pause from the shopping? Sit down at one of the many nice cafes in Tønsberg.

Foyn shopping center

Foyn Kjøpesenter

Foyn is one of the newest shopping centers in Tønsberg, and you find it in the end of the town square. Come inside and check out the shops, cafes , foodstore and restaurants.

Tourist information

visit tonsberg

Get the full survey of Tønsberg. Click on the picture or heading to get to the site Visit Tønsberg.PS: this is a web site we do not manage the content of.



Maybe you feel like purchase some groceries to eat at the hotel, -or to a picnic at the beach? Here is a full survey over the foodstores in Tønsberg, click at the heading or picture. PS: this is a web site we do not manage the content of.


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